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So you’ve got your routine all sorted out, and you think you’re ready to hit the streets. Only one thing stands in your way. How are you supposed to introduce yourself to a stranger?

First off, you need to understand that the little old man on the bench has no idea what you are about to do. Therefore, walking up and grunting “wanna see something cool” is probably not the best thing to be saying. Be casual, calm, and mature. The worst they can say is no.

Anyways, moving on to the actual content. Here are a list of phrases that I feel work on the streets. Some of them you’ve seen before, some of them you haven’t. Pick one of these you feel best suits your character.

Hi, are you busy? Do you mind if I try something?
Hey, how’s it going? I’m wondering if you could help me.
Can I borrow you for a minute?
Are you in a rush? Do you mind if I show you something?
Hey, I’m trying an experiment here today, and I was wondering if you could help me out?
Do you play cards?
Have you ever seen magic before?
Can I ask a favor of you?
Can I show you guys something real quick?
I was wondering if I could just try something with you?
It is a mistake to automatically assume that people are interested in what you are passionate about. I never jump into a routine without being friendly first. After you have made them smile with a stupid observation first, Do you want to see something cool? is perfectly acceptable. never, ever say do you want to see a magic trick the answer will almost always be NO! http://www.gr8magic.com


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